Owner: Antonis Mavrogiannis
Where: Pollonia, Milos
Tel.: +30 22870 41061
Mob.: +30 6977 900910

ARMENAKI FISH TAVERN run by "Antonis" is a true fish tavern: only fish, fresh and well cooked ! "Sardelles" on the grill, octopus, squid and black fish, fishes of all kind, mussels, spaghetti with sea fruits, "linguine" with lobster, the Armenaki salad, and homely sweets in the end. A very good selection of wines, white and red! What else? Ah, tasty and perfumed virgin olive oil and white and brown breads.

Armenaki is found right left side as one arrives to Pollonia. The area he occupies is a little constrained but be patient: the food is worth more than a visit. The service is fast.....once you find the free table. Antonis accepts reservations.

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